Career Path for Talented Traders

T4T Capital has a structured pathway to becoming a professional trader.

Through performance monitoring, we identify traders with the potential to succeed and provide professional development to help them build a trading career.

What is the T4T Capital Proprietary Trading Program?

The T4T Proprietary Trading Program (PTP) has been engineered to give traders from all walks of life a chance to prove themselves and be rewarded with a full time trading career. The chance of landing a job on a trading team at a bank these days is a million to one.

T4T Capital M gmt. reaches out to those traders with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the market as a professional, but who may not have the background to land the Bank job. We provide professional development and career opportunities for aspiring traders.

Stage 1


Prove your

trading skills

Stage 2

Trader Development

Support to Advance

your Skills

Stage 3


Licensing & Capital